We are an agency dealing with recruitment of employees from citizens living in Eastern Europe to the countries of the west. When recruiting employees, we are primarily guided by their experience in the industry, their skills and general ability to work.
Starting cooperation will be considered on the basis of an application submitted by the employer, containing requirements for the employee sought and the desired form of cooperation. Then the application will be submitted for activation and subsequent analysis of candidates who will be presented by email to the employing company. After selecting the appropriate candidate, we determine the form, place and date of arrival of the employee together, and settle according to pre-determined conditions.

Formularz kontaktowy:

Cooperation process:

1. Placing an order – we set your expectations for the employee you are looking for, form of cooperation, settlements, deadlines, quantities, etc.
2. Preparation and activation of the recruitment process – your offer goes to our partner offices in the form of a balanced advertisement supported by a detailed description of working conditions, pay, bonuses, accommodation, travel, holidays, etc. This offer is supported by current photos that we will definitely ask you for ordering stage or we will do it for you.
3. Verification of candidates – from this moment we will start sending you emails with a brief description of candidates who meet your criteria contained in the order. These will be information that do not contain personal data but other information that is more important for you and your company.
4. Coordination of the trip – after accepting the candidate, we jointly determine the date and place of his arrival. You will receive from us an e-mail with information about the date and time of arrival of the candidate to the place as soon as he purchases a ticket for a bus, train or plane or Blablacar.
5. Settlement – we start to count the warranty period from the first business day of employee stay with you. After its expiry, we issue a VAT invoice. The length of the warranty period, price and form of settlement, or payment deadline are set at the stage of placing the order and depend on the difficulty of finding a candidate.