Considering that our agency is the employer of posted employees, staff leasing is a more beneficial and skilful form of cooperation, consisting in flexible hiring of employees for any period of time. We are also responsible for reporting to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), calculating contributions, taxes, settling remuneration, settling leave and sick leaves, hiring and dismissal as well as matters related to the legality of employment in Nepal, India and Kazakhstan.

Temporary job
Currently, we focus mainly on the East. In the recruitment process, we are primarily guided by experience and readiness to take up a job outside the home country. Verification starts on the spot – in our partner offices. Everyone who decides to trust us, receives a special guardian who guides him through the stages of recruitment and implementation in new conditions.

Leasing of qualified specialists in EU
We help European companies to find qualified specialists. How do I and Polish specialists find a job in countries in the European Union.

Formularz kontaktowy:

Cooperation process:

  1. Placing an order (signing the contract) – that is, determining all your company’s expectations towards employees as well as the form and terms of cooperation.
  2. Preparation and activation of the recruitment process – your offer with a specific description of the terms of cooperation is submitted and examined in our office.
  3. Beginning of work – on the day of the agreed date employees come to your place of work. Our employees will have working time cards, which will help us count the hours actually worked. It is also necessary to identify coordinating people on our part and on your part.